Things Are Looking Up

Well David’s new waiter job has proved to be a bit of a waiting game. In order to save money for parking we have been car pooling. He usually gets off later then I do which means I’m stuck hanging out at the restaurant for a couple hours. Tricky business, but the free food has been amazing. 

He had an interview at Starbucks the other day and that would be an amazing opportunity. Great benefits and they pay for schooling! So I will be keeping my fingers crossed as will he. 

Life is still tough. And this financial hit is slapping us in the face but I know that things will be ok. Not sure how or when but I have faith. To tell you the truth David is the calm one and I’m the over stressed nutbag. That is big reason why I fell in love with in the first place. I need someone calm in my life.

Well, I’ll keep you posted. But let’s all cross our fingers that he gets the job at Starbucks.   

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