My New Look

Windshield wipers try and fail to amuse drizzling rain

Nervous energy makes a tight grip of 10 and 2 as I bite my lip

Pulling into the parking lot I sip my Sprite

I check my reflection in the review

Curls I worked so hard to make, makeup to match my new dress

I breathe in deep; it’s time to be brave

I step out into the now pouring rain

Make a dash for the church doors when the purpose of my visit steps out

I stop cold, when I see his hand outstretched towards another

Every part of me dies, my hair goes flat, makeup begins to smear

Max side glances at her and smiles giddily…a look that used to belong to me

Beauty looks to him as they make a dash for an unknown car across the lot

I watch completely sober, by now I’m sure I look like I escaped a Ward

My feet have grown into the pavement. As the lyrics

Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.

And your tears are dried up now …” Stream into my head

He opens, what must be, her car door, gives her a quick kiss, that move used to belong to me too

He turns and sees me now; shock and confusion paint his face, the look I own now

Somehow I find strength to move, as clouds part I watch a disappearing sun.

In the distance I hear my name, I keep walking away from him and further into myself.

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