What I am really trying to say is that… I am on my period.

Alright, so tonight is a funny topic. I have noticed lately that girls never come right out and say “Oh, I am on my period and that is why I don’t feel well.” and guys don’t straight up ask, “Are you on your period?” Okay, so sometimes we do come right and say it but for the most part we have hilarious code phrases for being menstrual. I have created a list of all the period code names I have heard.. so cheers to a good laugh.

  1. My lady business
  2. Having your garage painted
  3. Paging Edward Cullen
  4. The tomato soup is on the boil
  5. Being dishonorably discharged from the Uterine Navy
  6. Carrie at the prom
  7. Smoking a lady cigar
  8. Arts and crafts week at Panty Camp
  9. The crimson wave
  10. Aunt Flow is coming to town
  11. Red River Blues (The Blake Shelton song suddenly has a whole new meaning)
  12. No circus tonight. The monkey has a nose bleed.
  13. The redcoats are coming
  14. I’m experiencing technical difficulties.
  15. “Congratulations! You are not a father!”
  16. MENTALstration
  17. Shark Week
  18. Massacre at the Y
  19. I’m making wine and there will be no stomping of the grapes at this point.
  20. Get away from me

5 thoughts on “What I am really trying to say is that… I am on my period.

  1. Oh my, there are definitely some new ones here. but what about the classics? Such as: It’s that time… or, On the rag…. or, Um, none of that this week… I think this list goes on and on. But I truly appreciate the new ones. I recently heard shark week for the first time (I must be slow at catching on)

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