Anti-Bucket List (10 things I don’t want to do before I die)

  1. Break my back. This one explains itself. How horrible would that be?
  2. Become a widow. I tell my husband I love him everyday. He is my best friend more then anything. I have lost love in my life and it is a pain I never want to feel again. Especially with my spouse. 
  3. Eat escargot. Gross. Just gross. 
  4. Attend a pharmaceutical convention. Ok my friends if you like that kind of thing no judgement here but I can tell you I would be bored out of my skull.
  5. Drugs. Not even once.
  6. Drop the sarcasm: It’s my way.
  7. Lose my awkwardness. No lies I am probably the most awkward person anyone has met… Once you meet me. It’s hard to explain but spend five minutes with me and you’ll understand.
  8. Eat a gas station hotdog. Hotdogs are an iffy food anyways but at a gas station? Where they sit on that rotisserie all day long…. That my beloved readers is just straight up nasty. 
  9. Participate in a flashmob. Dancing is my worst nightmare especially in public. Been there done that at my wedding.
  10. Lastly, I will never have plastic surgery. I’m beautiful the way I am. 

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