Menu for my last meal EVER

  • Caesar Salad (adding bell peppers)  
  • Cheesy bread with LOTS of marinara sauce for dipping
  • Baja Steak Chalupa from Taco Bell (yo quiero)
  • More cheesy bread! (Seriously I love me some marinara)
  • A Dutch Bros Coffee 
  • Spicy Cajun Chicken Spaghetti 
  • Lastly… Tapioca Puddin’ just like I used to have with my Grandma Mackey

I would of course be listening to some of my favorite songs like Don’t Speak (No Doubt) & Quiet Mind (Blue October) and my dinner would be served in a round silver try with a lid by a man in white gloves. Only because that has never happened to me and I want it too… Just once. 

What would your last meal be?


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