A Small Update

David completed his training at Starbucks and is officially a barista. He is liking it so far though there is so much to learn. At first I couldn’t even imagine. All the different drinks people order and all there special ways of making them… It’s a lot and I definitely think that being barista is an unrecognized art. But, the funny thing is, David isn’t the only one who will have to learn the art of coffee making. I will too. Starting on Monday I will be working at the cafe in Barnes & Noble. It will be a nice second job. So he will be my barista boy and I will be his cafe girl. 

So between the two of us, we get free Starbucks coffee, the perks of being an   employee, discounted southern BBQ (David’s water job), and now a great deal on books! 

I guess you have to look for the small blessings in life. So I am going to smile and thank God for the 786 days I’ve been married.

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