Oh, the places I’d like to go…

I have a wondering heart. I never feel just right. I want to be on the move seeking life and finding new adventures daily. I’m looking for an obvious answer but I don’t think there is one. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could live abroad or travel a lot for work? 

I’m ready for a big career change and I want it to be something that involves constant movement, career advancement, and has an adventurous edge. But that wish list is long and I’m not sure what would get me there. Travel agent is an idea but it so competitive and because of that the money isn’t that great. What if I could find work and live abroad? Now that’s the real dream. 

I just feel like my current job at Apple has reached a dead end and I can no longer make myself bleed for a company that I don’t feel completely me in. But where does that leave me? Any ideas?

Well, I’ve complied a list countries I would love to have a career experience in. 

  1. Spain
  2. Germany
  3. Costa Rica
  4. London
  5. New Zealand

But, that of course get me nowhere. And I’m headed nowhere fast. 

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