these hard times 

Let’s not talk about the hard things. At least for one night. Let’s forget how bad it is and the stress we are suffocating under. Hold me close and whisper, “We will be okay.” Listen to me cry and run your fingers through my hair. Call me beautiful and take it all away.

Tonight lets love and remember how to laugh. Despite the eviction, empty pantry, and the collect calls. For a couple hours lets remember how we fell in love. And why.

Kiss me softy and kiss me long. I’ll kiss you in return, I promise. When we wake up in the morning everything will be the same so let’s put off the pain for a night. Let’s forget and pretend we are ok. Let’s laugh and intertwine our hands. 

I’ll pull at your short hair and become memorized by your blue eyes while you talk about your day. Or maybe we will just lay side by side and I’ll burrow my head in your chest. 

Who knows. But for tonight, let’s not talk about the hard times.

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