Charleston Harbor Tours & Family Drama

When you are away from your family you don’t necessarily remember all of the drama that families bring to the table. Because when you are around them all of the time it becomes second nature. So to suddenly have my family’s rich and diverse personalities crammed together again feels like fresh air. We must have argued, disagreed, and became annoyed with each other a dozen times today but we laughed just as often. 

Just as a family does. Man it feels good to have them here.

We did a Charleston harbor tour today that basically took us around the peninsula. The tour told us about local history as well as showed us some amazing scenery. We even saw some dolphins! Fun times indeed. 

While we were waiting for the tour we were able to go inside and look at mini museum about slavery and Charleston’s part in it. I found it to be super interesting. 

After the tour we went to a local restaurant gem. Shem Creak Bar & Grill, where we all got out fill of southern seafood. Yum! 

Lastly, we walked the pier under the Cooper River Bridge. We laughed, got attacked by dragonflies, and watched the sun go down.

Until tomorrow’s adventures my friends!


































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