Boone Hall Plantation 

And the adventures continue…

As you may have been reading in my blog the last couple nights, my family is in town visiting for the week. It has been so much fun showing them around. I feel an odd since of pride. 

We met up early in the morning and we walked downtown and I was able to show them were David and I work. 

David works two jobs and we were able to eat our dinner at his second job, a local restaurant called Sticky Fingers. Our other jobs were at Starbucks (David) and the Apple Store (me) and those are pretty standard stores for a lot of people. But I’ll admit I was little bummed they didn’t want to hang out in the Apple Store for awhile. I mean, who doesn’t like the Apple Store? It’s an adult play land. 

All jokes side, we had a lot of fun shopping around and checking out Charleston’s historic district. If you have ever been to Charleston you understand what I’m talking about. Pure beauty. It really made me appreciate what I have and what I see everyday. 

After our downtown extravaganza we toured the Boone Hall Plantation. Which in case you didn’t know, the Notebook was filmed there and that is where Ryan Rynolds and Blake Lively got hitched. 

It was incredibly beautiful and the history was interesting. Though I was disappointed with the house tour because it was only a couple of rooms and it wasn’t extremely interesting. But it was fun nonetheless. 

The house was built 1936 and has gone through three owners. They say that we will see five areas of the home and that included the porch at the beginning of the tour, in which the guide mainly talked about the house rules. The areas were, the front entry, library, dinning room, and a room he called loggia, because it served as an outdoor pass through to the other side of the house. We weren’t allowed to take photos or else I would show you. We also toured the old cabins that held the slaves and took a tractor ride through the plantation.

We ended our day eating ice cream on Isle of Palms Beach. 

It was a great day and I know that tomorrow will be too but unfortunately David gave me his cold so I’m going to crash.

Night Y’All!












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