Goodbye For Now (Part One)

We spent the better part of the day in the car. I guess you could say we spent the day road tripping. David drove and my brother was his passenger while the ladies partied in the back. There was an on going debate about whether David had terrible music on his iPhone or if my brother was not meant to be a DJ. I voted that my brother wasn’t the best of DJs because he played a couple of songs more then once. I will not be listening to the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol for a long time. 

We were driving down to Myrtle Beach because it is a two hour drive from were we live and my brother and his wife really wanted to see the famous town. But it turned out to not be what they were expecting so we turned around and left.  Seriously we weren’t even there for a full hour. The town is great but it is geared for tourists and spring breakers. It wasn’t there cup of tea. David and I did manage to go in the water while the others were doing the Skywheel.


We at lunch at a New York style sandwich shop and believe me the owner was rude enough to be a true New Yorker. No offense to all the New Yorkers reading this. It’s just your culture, but us West Coast Folks aren’t used to your abrupt ways. However, the food wasn’t half bad. My mom and I even ate chips that were called “Ninja Ginger.” Fancy that.


We also stopped at an antique store to pursue around for a little bit. While we were there I was looking at the map on my phone when I saw something called Pawleys Island and asked David if he wouldn’t mind taking the long way home and surprising everyone with a, we are stopping at a random beach bomb. 

It worked perfectly because the beach was BREATHTAKING! It was the first beach that David and I saw rocks on in South Carolina. We had a lot of fun there, collecting shells, getting our feet wet, and taking way to many selfies. 

When we finally got back to their hotel in Mount Pleasant we relaxed a little bit before deciding to go out for pizza and walk around downtown while the sun was setting. It was a beautiful night.

When everything was all said and done David and I had to say goodbye to my brother and his wife. So today was a tad bittersweet. I love seeing my brother and Tabitha is such fun to be around. I’ll miss them greatly but I do hope that they have fun on there vacation in Texas. 

Until Tomorrow!

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