A letter to that guy we all hate to admit we hate (or strongly dislike)

Dear Desperate Wonderer,

Wonderer is not necessarily the right word for you but I had to think of something. I’m angry sure. No scratch that… I’m downright disgusted by your behavior. And to be honest I’m not happy with myself either. You have managed to bring out the worst in me. I try to push past and rise above the pettiness but the environment I’m in is poison. The more I consume the worse I feel. I’m not the Christian I want to be. 

There are a million things I could say and actions I could take but I think it’s time I remove myself from this darkness. Not all my anger is directed at you per se but you have sent me over the edge. 

You lied, manipulated me, and threw me under the bus. Never once was I mean to you. Never once have I spoken badly of you. In fact I’ve helped you. I’ve encouraged you. I’m not saying I was a saint in all of this because I definitely had my moments but I owned up to it. I admitted my faults. 

I’m not trying to portray perfection. I’m just being honest. But you’re so egar to move ahead that you are willing to stab people in the back to get there. To lie and manipulate your way into the managements good graces. It’s sick. 

There are other ways to advance. Other ways to develop and taking down those who threaten you by wrongfully accusing them of an attitude problem is not the way you go about it.

You asked me to if we are “cool” and I said I need my space and that it is best if we don’t talk for awhile. I’m not holding a grudge I’m just deciding what is healthy for me and what isn’t. Being around people like you is toxic. Your only looking out for yourself and not caring how you treat others. 

It’s almost demonic… The persona you put on. This show. But I know who you are. It’s in your eyes. I don’t trust you. I’m over the games. It’s not my cup of tea to be part of your endless charade.

No thanks I’m moving on, so spread your lies and fake perfection to those who will listen. But when you get to the top and your all alone because you stabbed people in back, don’t expect a life of joy. No one will want to be around someone who treats them like garbage and only thinks about themselves. 

The irony is that if you’re really thinking about yourself you would care more about others and treat people with respect. Because in the end all that really matters are the friends and loved ones we have standing beside us. 

Thanks from a Distressed Voyager 

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