10 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Vacations But Do Anyways

  1. Let your laundry pile up until you have nothing left to pack thus laundry havoc the night before you vacation 
  2. Leave your dishwasher loaded… We all do it. We get excited that we remembered to do dishes before we left and then we get back and ate dishes have been sitting in the dishwasher for a week or more making it so you have to run the washer again. 
  3. Run last minutes errands the morning of your trip because of all the things you forgot you needed. 
  4. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare. You work until the day right before your vacation thus having way to much to do before you go. Causing unneeded stress.
  5. Forgot to pay bills.
  6. Go grocery shopping. By the time you get back everything is either bad or close to expiring.
  7. Check the weather of where you are going… You know to help you pack that way you quit bringing white tank tops for rainy weather.
  8. We forget to take out the garage… Smelly
  9. Calling the bank. That way we don’t get declined for strange purchases in an unusual city. Calling the bank on vacation is No Bueno.
  10. Closing the curtains and turning off the heat or AC. No need to pay for things we aren’t using.


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