Bermuda Bahamas Come On Pretty Mama

Ok, so we aren’t going to Bermuda but we are sailing off to the Bahamas aboard the wonderful Carnival Cruise Ship. We are so excited and so blessed. We know that there are massive weather warnings but we are feeling fine about it. We have waited a long time to have our belated honeymoon and we are going to enjoy it. We even got in the hottub right away. It was actually pretty nice because of the cool air hitting us.  

It was kind of funny because channel 5 news interviewed us as we were boarding asking if we were concerned about cruising in a storm. We said no and no matter what it will be fun. 

We have also already seen dolphins! Exciting!

Well I’m keeping this short because I’m on vacation! I won’t be posting for a couple days but I’ll tell you all about the good times when I get back. 


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