Key West Flordia (my cruise part 2)

Unfortunately due to the severe weather conditions we ported in Key West Florida instead of Freeport Bahamas. We made the best of it and decided against making a fuss out of it because it wasn’t worth the effort or time. Besides we got to see the southern most point in the United States. 

I have decided that cruise ships are not for those who want to be a defined traveler. Meaning they are not a good place to see the world instead they are great for spending time with a loved one and relaxing. 

Key West is very much like any other beach town. Bars,food, and tourist shops. I mean the reality of it is once you have seen once touristy beach town you’ve seen them all. Because I can’t really say anything that stood out to me. Horse driven carriage tours, trolley tours, walking tours… All very similar to Charleston. I will say that the weather was amazing and people were friendly. It is also home of key lime pie, which would be cool if the pie tasted like heaven in your month but it tasted like every other key lime pie I’ve had. 

We walked all over because we didn’t feel like need to take a tour of anything. But we had fun just seeing the place and being together. We want to the Hard Rock Cafe and shared and entree and got a lame souvenir cup that ironically said hurricane on the glass. 
We spent a lot of the time just sitting down looking into the ocean and feeding the birds. Which David of course loved being that he is a complete bird lover.  


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