Nassau Bahamas (part 3)

You know that feeling when you hit a beehive or step on an ant hill and suddenly you are invaded by panic. That is how I felt in the Bahamas. It was all so much. Too much. The locals thrive on tourism like the Dakotas rely on oil. Everywhere you went someone was shoving something down your throat. Calling you honey or sweetie and offering you a good deal on their local bohemian treasures. It was very overwhelming. Like I had no room to breathe and enjoy the city because there was so much tourism. I suppose some of it could have been there culture. I don’t know. I wasn’t there long enough to find out. 

We were warned against going out further then what was obviously a tourist area due to the high crime rates. I figured it was pariniod nonsense but everywhere I turned there was an officer or someone from there military system. Not to mention all of the sirens. It was intense. There was a feeling of complete uneasyness and I don’t often feel that way. I’m the girl that traveled California, NYC, and various other places without knowing anyone and I did this all by myself. However we did find these water taxis that had local guys giving you a mini tour of the island because they worked I tips alone. That was cool. Kind of a hidden gem amoungst all the chaos. 

The beach was destroyed by the hurricane and it was extremely small and way over crowded. I’m posting only photos of our trip tomorrow because they were taken on my nicer camera so look forward to seeing those. 

Like I said above, we took a water taxi over to Paradise Island where the famous resort of Atlantis sits. Which by the way has a room they rent out for $25,000 a night with a minimum four night stay. So if you have a hundred grand you want to blow that’s the place to do it. During the taxi tour we glimpsed the home of the beloved Nichlas Cage and learned that he owns his own island in the Bahamas that is like the Jurassic Park for sharks. I have not verified this as truth but for now I’m going to believe it because I feel like it. We also learned that the Bahamas is made up of 700 islands! Yeah man (bohemian speak)

David and I didn’t pay for a tour of Atlantis we basically just snuck around and saw what we could. It is a beautiful place very resort like. We were also able to gamble for the first time ever. We had $8 per person and we won $10 and then lost it. Ok I should say David won $10 because I was horrible and had no clue what I was doing. But it was part of our list of things to try this year (New Years List) so we can now cross two things off our intensive list. Picnic at a lighthouse, check. Gambling, check. 

David bought me a new Bahamas purse as an early birthday gift which was sweet of him because I did really like it but wasn’t into buying touristy things for myself. But he surprised me and I couldn’t help but accept his gift. We went to a restaurant called Sharkeez and shared an entrée. We went because it is “famous” and because when I lived in St.Criox we went to a local bar called Sharkys. It was a comfort thing for me. Two different places but shared names. 

We had fun and it was cool to discover something new but we are unsure if  we want to go back. I felt oddly close to my parents because that is were they honeymooned. They divorced when I was young and my dad passed away several years later so there isn’t much that makes me think of them together but the Bahamas did and for that reason alone I loved it. 

Well, like I said tomorrow I am going to be posting  only photos of our trip so check those out but until next time my amazing readers.  


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