25 Never Looked So Good

Well this year I was able to experience something new and that is a warm sunny birthday. Having a birthday in October while living in Montana and Washington for most of my life meant cold rainy days. Not that I am complaining because I love rain more then most people but it was a nice change of pace. 

I woke up late to tons of texts and Facebook notifications. I am not on Facebook very often so I made a point to log in today because I new I would be getting all those timeline posts from family, friends, and those random people who only wished you happy birthday because Facebook reminded them too. It’s so odd because we never talk to half of our Facebook friends but we always come together on birthdays. But hey, I’m all about people wishing me a happy birthday. I love my birthdays because it’s the one day of the year that it is all about me. It’s Chelsea day! 

Anyways, aside from my from my  vainness I had an amazing day. My husbands family has a tradition where you get to pick any two meals you want on your birthday. The world is your oyster. So I was able to choose whatever breakfast and dinner I wanted even if that meant David needed to cook. Luckily for him all I wanted was fatty pastries and Olive Garden. 

So we went to Starbucks and I got my free birthday coffee and David used his discount to get me a blueberry muffin and a Washington apple pound cake. Yep I wanted two pastries because every other day of the year it would be considered unhealthy but on your birthday it’s socially acceptable. Breakfast was amazing because I got to munch on my pastries and sip my coffee under the beautiful Carolina sun! That alone was awesome.   

 After breakfast, David drove me to a music store so I could get some records to add to my collection. It was amazing. My kind of paradise. 

 Last year David baught me a record player and it was such an amazing gift due to the fact that I am a huge music lover. For example my senior project in high school was a detailed report on music in the 1960s. Such a beautiful memory. 

We found some great records and movies there but we ended up driving to Barnes & Noble to buy some of them because of my employee discount. 



This video doesn’t exist

Once we were done shopping at the music store I figured we were on our way home to sit down and listen music because that would occupy me for hours but instead we drove over to Target. And for the biggest surprise of all David bought me a kitchen aid! I couldn’t believe it because we don’t have much money and we just go back from a cruise so I was deeply concerned. Kitchen aid’s are not cheap and we just can’t afford that no matter how much I love cooking and baking but David said every once in awhile you have to treat yourself to the finer things in life. I could have cried. I almost did. We just got back from our first vacation together and now this. I feel so blessed and I cannot wait to use it. I have wanted one for so long, I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I have plans to make banana cake or pumpkin muffins on Thursday because it’s my day off! 

 After Target we did head home to listen the records before going out to eat at Olive Garden. I had a coupon too so it made my birthday dinner super cheap which was handy.

We ended the day by watching the one and only Jurassic Park. It we the perfect end to a glorious day! 


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