Post Everything Blues 

Alright my family came to visit, then we went on vacation, and yesterday we celebrated my 25th birthday, now what? I feel as if we had a lot to look forward to but now it’s all come to a close and I am lost in this feeling of woe. 

I know what you all are thinking, what about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years? Tis the season! Isn’t it? 

Well, unfortunately David and I work retail and because of that there is no way to garentee holidays off or even plan for them. My manager even sent out an email saying that he won’t be able to request any time off in November and December. Which is frustrating because we moved here no that we could spend the holidays with my in-laws. Especially when you consider its been six years since David has been home for the holidays. But what can you do but hope for best. Retail is retail after all.

So I’m feeling a little blue because now I am looking forward to David’s birthday but aside from that all that lies ahead of me is work, work, and more work. 

However, I am on a mission to find the joy in the bleak times. To find a smile when all I want to do is crawl in a hole and sleep. 

Awe, the challenge is real. Now that I am 25 I feel so much pressure to get my life together. A career. A future. Plans. 

So for the next couple of weeks I am going to set new goals from myself. Goals that will allow happiness and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you have something to look forward too. Goals that allow me to grow up and make big girl choices and decisions. 

So cheers to 25, the holidays, and taking a positive spin on life! 

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