Sometimes life hits you in an unexpected way and you realize without warning that you are happy. You realize that you are smiling and you feel warm from toes to your minds captor. A joy spreads through you and there is a hope. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for today. Hope for change. 

I never expected marriage to be easy. In fact I always pictured the worst. Granted it’s not a bad as I was expecting, it still isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to find that spark. Reignite that fire. Find reasons to be together. Being intentional, transparent, and open. About the struggles you are facing. The goals you have. How your sex life is. How your spiritual life is. How you are underneath any mask you might be wearing.

Marriage is a fight. A choice to give 100% of yourself and never giving up. Despite career security, finances, health issues, and fights regarding everyday life.

I may not know much about marriage but I do know how hard the choice to make your love forever, can be. 

Today I took my husband out to dinner and for a walk on Folly Beach. We talked, really talked for he first time in a long time. And we laughed like we had forgotten how to smile. 

Tonight we made our marriage a priority above all else because we are determined to succeed.





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