Forget You Not

Loving you was never the hard part. The hard part was remembering you. Every second. Of every damn day. Your kiss so sweet. Like a Tootsie Roll. The longer I tasted you the sweeter you became. 

The world, our world, was full of new beginnings. Our beginning. Our love was like a snow storm, cold, majestic, and brief. Melting away. Becoming lost fragments in our memory boxes. 

Our hearts pounded and our eyes grew heavy. I am restless. I am weary. I am lost.  I am stolen. Taken by you and never returned. You are the silence inside my scream. I want you close. I want your warmth to fill me to my brim. But you are forever at sea, alonely sailer, and I’m left abandoned in your lighthouse. 

I will forget you not as your touch haunts me. Taunts me worse then the demons I face. The darkness in my veins is nothing new. I’m used to my own distruction. But now I’m left fighting your demons too and they are without morale. 

You loved me. You fooled me. You forgot to choose us. Over and over again. And you lost me. But I lost more. Because I never stopped believing in you. You lost the belief in yourself. And now you are gone and I’m left in your wake. Cleaning up your mess while loving you the same. One could only wish you would have loved me as much as I loved you.

Forget me not my abductor, captor… my spell-bound fool. 


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