Charleston’s Farmers Market 

David and I were finally able to go to the farmers market downtown today after nine months of living here. I was super excited because I wanted to get some fresh vegetables for a chili I am planning on making this week. It was beautiful! Friendly people, gumbo, po’ boys, vegetable boths, bread, and so much more! 

It was so much fun to peruse a southern style market. We ended up meeting with one of my friends from work and her boyfriend and chatting for a couple hours. Which was the highlight of my day because we don’t get the chance to hang out with friends very often let alone “couple” friends. 

After the market we ran some errands, went out to dinner and spent time together. Which is happening more often lately.

It was brought to my attention the other day that I have a good life and that I have a successful marriage, talents, a mom who is my best friend, and a great group of friends. I was told by someone I had been comparing myself too because she is younger then me with a better job and in my mind she was more successful then me but she thinks I’m more successful then her because of all the good I have in my life. 

It made me realize that I am blessed with a rich life full of culture, adventure, and love. Everyday I need to be more thankful for the success to do have.


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