Hypnotic blue eyes stare into my faded blues. I am transfixed. Completely yours.

Always and forever. A dance until the end. Your eyes… They tell me so much. Where to go. Where to hide.

Paint me adored. You smile with ease and I know that you are giving me every drop of your soul.

Passengers aboard a far away reality. You take me higher then I’ve ever been before. 

Insanity drives us further and faster. We must be fools. For giving up morals and beliefs just for a chance at love. 

Nevertheless. Nevertheless. Nevertheless. We still choose each other and this life.

Earth and all its forces couldn’t pull me away from you. I’m paralyzed by whimsy. And your lost in a daydream.

Some call us fools others claim lovers in love. We are reckless. Without abandon. 

So I’ll let you take me places. Places I’ve never been and touch what I’ve never touched. Because you hypnotize me with those gorgeous blues.

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