Living Wasteland 

I take a bite. The taste is rich but as soft as a whisper. I lick my lips slowly and linger in the moment for a second too long. I feel the heat of Mercury in your eyes. I’m left in your wake, bound to you. Following you anywhere. A puppy on a leash. I force myself to take another bite even though my belly is full and I couldn’t possibly consume more. But I need too. I have too. Your my savory sweet. I swallow, my throat begins to feel raw as you take a step closer. The siren inside starts to wail but I let the traffic clear as you weave your fingers through my hair. You lean in. You smell like the morning hours and I buckle. Your lips press to mine and I forget about our darkness. You take all of me over and over again. I trust in you even after all your sins because you have everydrop of my beat down soul. You lie and your selfish. You take and take until I almost lose faith in us, but then you come crashing back like a tidel wave. I’m forever yours. Freedom is out of reach because every time I break you kiss me. And I become a turtle in a shell. 

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