The Most Stressful Things In Life

  1. Job loss. Been there and it is a tough battle to fight through.
  2. Death of a loved one. Unfortunately, I’ve been through this way to many times in my short 25 years. Apparently in 1970 there was a test done that rated the most stressful circumstancs a person could possible walk through and the leading result was death of a spouse. This test is called the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.
  3. Divorce or separation (not recommended).
  4. Martial reconciliation.
  5. Moving… I’ve moved 11 times since I was 18 and in January when our lease ends I’m going to make my 12th move in 7 years.
  6. Buying and selling a house. I haven’t faced this yet… Well not completely. We have looked into buying a home…
  7. Major illness. Nothing is worse then wading through the fight for your life, literally.
  8. Kind of on the same lines as number six but personal injuries especially if you are out of work and not getting paid. That was me in March when I sprained my ankle. 
  9. Money problems! Especially debt.
  10. Planning for retirement.

Stress is always around us like an unpreventable fog. And the worst part is that we let stress poison us. Slowly but surely. Things happen and they are often out of our control but you need to remember to take a day and just be. Be calm, sleep, and do something that you love. 

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