Small Town Big Love

I wish I could post photos of today, but it will have to wait until tomorrow due to the lack of wifi and cell service. Isn’t it weird what we come to depend on? Not having access to Internet or having complete cell service can be such a hassle but then again, first world problems right? 

Today was a massive glimpse into the Kadron world. We went to church and arrived just before service started but David’s family had been there a lot earlier for Sunday school. 

During service his mom lead worship, while his dad played piano, and his brother played guitar. Just so I can clearly paint a picture, the church is very small, older, and complete with hymnals and pews. Everybody knows everybody and everybody has been going to that church for years. I was congradulated multiple times on keeping David will fed. The poor guy must’ve had half the church pat his cushy belly. In his deffience he was a string bean when he left Tennessee and now he has filled out. 

Anyways, after church we headed back to the Kadron farm for lunch, where we ate last nights leftover turkey and such. It was also the first time I’ve ever had or even heard of mustard greens. They were so good! My mind was blown. It’s like wasabi meets radish meets lettuce. A spicy leaf! So good. Wait I already said that….

It was fun having lunch and getting the chance to know them better. Laughing at old memories while creating new ones. We watched some old family videos and looked at cute baby photos of David and his brother (one of them anyways.) No worries, my beloved readers, photos will be posted tomorrow.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel while the Kadrons went back to church to have play practice and then night service. We met up with them at the night service and admittedly goofed off in the back pew. It reminded me of when is was in high school and I would set in the back of the church flirting with boys and acting like the cool misfit I thought I was. I was texting one of David’s brothers about his future fame. 

He sang at the church tonight which isn’t surprising because the first time I ever met him he showcased his musical talents loud and proud. He is currently a freshman in college and studying music.

The first time I ever visited Tennessee and went to David’s church he walked up to the pastor mid service and asked to sing a worship song. He then proceeded to sing one in front of everyone, acappella. He is a very talented young man so I have begun to call him Nashville. For obvious reasons, he is young, from the country, good looking, outgoing, and gifted. Besides that he loves the ladies and carries his guitar case everywhere. So I tease him about the “Nashville Swag” he has going on. I told home that should be the title of his first album. Of course he gets super embarrassed when I do this…

He may like attention but he is extremely humble. But hey, in my experience we have families purely so we have people to harass…with love of course. 

 All of his family is great and each member of the large household has there talents and stands out for there own reasons. 

His oldest sister is probably one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Consistently doing things for others and always offering to help for the sake of others. Often done with little or no recognition because she doesn’t do it to better herself but to better the lives around her. Heck, she was the only one who couldn’t come to our wedding because she volunteered to stay behind and look after the farm. Beyond her selflessness she is beautiful inside and out. She is in the beggining stages of her first courtship and the joy of a budding romance is spread across her face like buttered toast. 

Then, there is his youngest sister, who is eight and is in taking fifth grade level classes. Smart as ever and chops veggies like a professional chef. 

The best way to describe th middle sister is cute. She is outgoing, loves to laugh, and is built like a ballet dancer. The only thing big on her body of the volume of her beautiful dark curls. She helped plan my bachelorette party with my best friend and they hit it off. She is so fun and likeable. 

Well come to think of it all the Kadrons are that way. David  is still the tallest of the children but his youngest brother will surpass him soon. At 14 he is over six foot tall, he sticks out more then the others because of he is tall and has awesome orange hair. The only Kadron to have this luxury. Unlike my family where there so many redheads you loose count after awhile.

After all of the church today we headed back to the hotel to get much need rest for the drive home tomorrow. 

I’m excited for one more morning with the most wholesome family on the planet before we head out of the middle of nowhere and head for the middle of somewhere. 

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