An excerpt from my book…

His body was stone cold beside me.

His eyes were shut as if he was asleep and dreaming, but I knew better. I traced the lines on his face with my pinky finger causing my blue nail polish to look vibrant against his pale skin. He felt soft and looked beautiful. 

I stopped crying an hour ago but I could still taste the salt on my lips and my checks felt sticky. 

I lay down beside him and cuddle close. Resting my head on his unbeating heart. I closed my lids and drifted off to a better place.

We were standing knee deep in the ocean only inches apart and I could hear his heart pounding from where I stood. He took a step closer and I followed his lead. My breasts pressed lightly on his chest but he kept his eyes locked with mine. I was shorter then him so I had to tilt my head back to look into his face. His hands moved up so he could weave his fingers through my short hair. I knew logically that there was a loud ocean around us but all I could hear was the sound his hands made as he slowly touched my scar. I took a step even closer so I could bravely rest my head on his chest. Part of me still couldn’t handle someone else being that close to my scar and and my heart. There was a slight wet warmth on the top of my head from were his lips just touched. A tear dripped below my lip as he pulled my head toward him with a finger under my moistened chin, 

“Remember the night I rescued you and I called you beautiful?” I nodded in reply. “I didn’t think it was possible but I think your more beautiful to me now then you were than.”

His words were soft,tragic, and magical all at once. My eyes looked up at him as he moved closer to my face. I closed my eyes and kept them shut while his lips gently kissed every inch of my scar. Temple to shoulder.

One of his hands was weaving through my hair while the other held my hand to his chest so I could feel how his heart beat for me. 

And then, he was kissing me. At first it was a plush sort of gentle but once he felt me pushing into his kiss we became the only fire to ever set ablaze at sea.

My shoulders start to shake and I bury my head in his chest and I grip at the cloth of his t-shift. I know I’m screaming and my world is staring at me to shocked at my decay to process to process their own grief. 

It’s never ending. Never waking. A hell only I would achieve. I can’t let go. I won’t let go.

I hear my name and feel myself being lifted off of the ground. I close my eyes and everything goes black. 

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