A Christmas Eve Surprise 

Well, I was obviously tired last night. I re-read yesterday’s post and there are so many typos that if you were able to read through it I’ll applaud you. 

Thank you to everyone who congradulated us we are excited. It is definitely a fun time and rather intense Christmas gift to ourselves.

This morning David and I exchanged gifts early. I gave him the gift of Star Wars… Meaning that after four years of begging I finally agreed to watch it with him and become one of millions that has seen the Star Wars movies. I also got him movie tickets to see the new Star Wars. Super fancy. 

He, however, got me a UE Boom Bluetooth speaker (it is also waterproof!) I’m so excited! I’ve wanted it for two years, basically since I started working at Apple. He totally surprised me by secretly  being in cahoots with one of my coworkers. He also got me a Starbucks travel mug that has cute red lips on it. Needless to say he did very good this year. 

After our gift exchange, we packed an overnight bag and drove to Tennessee to surprise his family at there traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. 

It was funny because when we pulled up the family’s goats surrounded our car and one even tried to climb onto the hood. It was very intimidating and comical.

The night was full of laughter and fun. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. 

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