The Wait Is Almost Over

I feel as though I’ve been powering through the last couple of days because I’ve been looking forward to this weekend so much. 

We have so much to do before we can move into the house but luckily we have a full month before our lease ends on our apartment. 

We turned the electric on Monday, the water on Tuesday, and the carpets are being cleaned tomorrow. So things are coming along slowly but surely. I have the next three days off so I’ll have time to clean and buy some paint for the nasty mustard yellow bathroom. Trust me even Colonel Sanders would be ashamed of that bathroom. I’ll post before and after photos. 

We, okay I should say David, has already faced our first home owner crisis. When he went to the house on Monday to met the election he was immediately surrounded by the beeping of the fire alarms going off. Apparently they had been going off for a couple of days and the neighbors were quite annoyed. What an awesome way to welcome ourselves to the neighborhood.

Come to find out the batteries where dead and the alarms are from 2006 so we have to replace them all. The funny thing is that David made friends with our neighbors by borrowing a ladder so that he could reach the alarm systems. 

I’m so excited for tomorrow and the days to follow! Soon we will be living in a land of two toilets…soon

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