Love Is All You Need

Alright so here’s the skinny… I pushed the pause button on blogging for a couple weeks so that I could catch up on life. Buying a house is a very expensive and time consuming process. Thank you all for baring with me. I must say I am touched by all the emails, calls, and texts I received form those who missed my blog. Thank you for checking up on me and for being so loyal. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out ya’ll (look at me sounding southern.)

Anyways, enough of the mush. Considering I have been MIA for a couple weeks you guys are probably wondering what I have been doing and how the house is coming along. Well I am doing great and the house is coming along slowly but surely.

We spent the month slowly moving in and taking our time getting everything set up rather then cramming it all into one day. I must say it was a smoothest move yet, I guess it pays to be an organized. I have always been somewhat organized but a couple of years ago I was way more of a mess. I was always late to events, deathly afraid of getting up early (still am but at least now I can handle it), and for the most part I flew by the seat of my pants. I let the wind blow me around like a wayward tumbleweed. Those were the years I let my artistic side side take over. But then I got married and life got hard, stressful, and complicated. I grew up, learned a few lessons, and begun to discover my inner adult. I worry more, stress more, laugh less, and drown myself in the “what if’s and why now’s.” I need to find a balance. The balance between being the free spirit that I am but also being responsible.

Wow, what a random tangent. I just have so much on my heart and on my mind. I am trying to find myself again an discover where I want to be in life and moving into a house really puts those thoughts in overdrive. Because, to be honest, I never saw myself buying a house or getting married for that matter. Commitment was never my strong suit. Before Apple I job hopped like nobody’s business. I guess thats the price you pay when you leave Neverland and grow up.

You know in the movies when a couple buys a house and it shows this cheesy film montage with romantic music playing in the background? The couples are always laughing a getting paint all over each other kissing life way? No lies I thought all of that was Hocus Pocus but David and took this weekend off and that is exactly how it felt. We are broke, stressed, and have a lot going on but we have each other. Trust me I know how this sounds but I learned something so important over the last couple of days. And that is that the Beatles were right when they sung “All you need is love.”

Talk tomorrow! Missed you guys please keep commenting below and emailing me!  














4 thoughts on “Love Is All You Need

  1. Yay! Growing up ain’t for sissies, that’s for sure! You may not find balance every day, but if you have it when you look back at the big picture, you are doing all right 🙂

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