Careers, business, & life 

Life is interesting. I’ve been praying for months that God would lead me into the right career direction. I want to wake up and enjoy what I do. Not that working for Apple is bad but I’ve been thinking lately about a long term career. What is next for me? It’s a hard battle because I refuse to leave Apple until I find something that pays as well as Apple does not to mention the bennifets Apple gives me. 

Who knows maybe Apple is going to be my career for a lot longer but I want to feel like I’m moving up and growing with a company. I’ve been part-time for two years and I can’t help but wonder if this is right for me. 

I have an interview on Saturday for a part time position as a personal assistant. The person I would be assisting is employed with the Christian organization World Relief. I’m excited about this possibility and for stepping out into the great unknown but only time will tell what happens. I’m still praying about it and am wholly trusting in God.

The house is still a chaotic hot mess but hopefully soon we will settle in more and be able to post more photos. David is finally getting full time hours now that his Starbucks opened after a six month delay. We also know it’s only a manner of time before they promote him. 

So life is basic. A calm standstill. We are on the verge of something that I know will change our lives but it’s too soon to tell what that will be. 

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