A Small World Tidbit

I hope y’all had a great Super Bowl weekend. I know that it’s pretty much an American Holiday so that is why I feel an odd sense of guilt that I didn’t watch it.

Instead, David and I spent the day painting our bedroom. It’s almost finished! We have to do one more coat of paint around the edges of the room and once that dries we will finally be able to move into our bedroom and create an office where we are currently sleeping. Awe, the joys of homeownership. I like it though because all of the work we are doing just reminds me that it is ours and we are slowly making it ours.

Anyways, I did watch some of the commercials on YouTube and I must say that PETA has disturbed me once again. I also heard that the half time show was a royal gem this year. I guess I’ll never know, oh well.

Yesterday was also my best friends and my nieces birthday. My best friend turning 25 and my niece turning 11 born a mere 14 years apart.

I find it so ironic how small of a world we can live in. I met my best friend long after my niece was born and when I found out when her birthday was I couldn’t help but feel oddly bonded to her especially because I was one of the first few people to hold my niece. Kind of cool how life works.


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