We Finally Get To Sleep In Our Bed!

We closed on our house on the 23rd or December. The lease to our apartment didn’t end until the end of January so we took our sweet time moving in  to our new house but what we didn’t do was prioritize the master bedroom.

Instead we painted the bathroom and cleaned everything else first. By the time we moved in we realized that we didn’t want to set up our bedroom until it was painted. 

Just as we predicted, life got really busy and we have had to paint it little by little. Meaning the room was dark green and it took two coats of paint to make it look prefect. Which means we had to paint it,wait for it to dry, and then paint it again when we had time to. And to make things harder on ourselves we decided to do one wall a dark red.

But now all the painting is done and we were able to set up our bed tonight. So here we are a month into living in our new house and we are spending the night in our bedroom! I know it sounds lame but I’m pumped! It’s like when you go on a long vacation and all you want to do is go home to your own bed and have a great nights sleep. 

I’ll post before and after photos tomorrow. It looks great, well at least in my opinion. 

The feeling I get when I look around this room is pure joy and maybe a little pride because we did it. We bought a house. We own a house. We pay a morgage. We painted various rooms. It’s ours. 

Ok, you get my point but I’m not sure I believe it all yet. Everything about it just seems so out-of-body. 

I wonder when it will all sink in or if it ever will. I guess that’s the art of adulting. 

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