My Heart Is Alive (an update on Baby K)

For the most part things in my life have never made sense. My choices. My actions. The horrible things that happened around me.

I found my life seemed wayward and off course. I would define myself in a million different ways but nothing seemed to fit. Photographer, missionary, artist, writer, sad, lost, wife etc… 

The one thing I never thought I would define myself as is, Mother. 

But, I’m slowly realizing that is part of who I’m going to be. 

God is at work in my body and on Monday I was able to glimpse the new love of my life. 

I can’t help but smile and when I am alone I let it sink in and I cry. Cry because a dream is coming true. My greatest hope is happening. 

There are days were I feel very sick and I do my very best not to complain because in the end it wil all be worth it. I don’t want it to be taken for granted. 

I am 14 weeks, which is the start of my second trimester and the fourth month. Baby is now the size of a peach and growing rapidly everyday. 

I still look the same. I have a tiny baby bump but unless you know me personally you wouldn’t be able to tell. It is the weirdest feeling having my stomach get firmer and firmer by the day. 

Here are some photos from our latest ultrasound! ​

We were able to see Baby K yawn and wave! 

2 thoughts on “My Heart Is Alive (an update on Baby K)

  1. Thank you Chels for sending this. I really love tge video most. Technology has come so far since my babies. Live abd miss you

    “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

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