Blessings, Bravery & Chics N Chaps

I like to believe that for every bad thing that happens in life that something good will happen too. However long you have to wait for the good to happen, it does, eventually.

Even if its somethings as small as winning a free ice cream cone from DQ. Good happens.

I feel as though I have to believe this.

That good happens.

Because if we don’t, life almost seems meaningless. What good is life if we always dwell on the bad and never see the good.

Blessings do come.

Shorty after my mom cut her hair and I wrote the post When The Curls Drop, she received a phone call from the hairdresser who had cut her hair.

She told my mom that she volunteers with an organization called Chicks N Chaps. For the last ten years Chicks N Chaps has been rising support for people affected with breast cancer. They are a women’s rodeo clinic, “passionate about bringing community members together to raise money for local individuals and families impacted by cancer, while promoting the sport of rodeo.” (From there website.)

Of course my mom, dad,  and well everybody in our household had no clue who they were until that point, yet they reached out to my mom giving her their support and love.

The story goes that the team of women, that is local to us, were trying to find people to give a certain amount of money too but were coming up short. Something just didn’t feel right. They needed a clear cut sign about who to give the money too. Well, after a meeting one of the members came home and logged onto Facebook. There they saw the story I wrote about my mom (When The Curls Drop) because my mom’s hairdresser volunteers for them (and she was tagged in the photos).

Apparently the member of Chics N Chaps who saw this post got all sorts of excited and immediately texted the other members saying that she had found the person that the money needed to go to.

I may have this story slightly wrong as it has been handed down to me from several people, but all of the back story doesn’t really matter. What matters is the look on my moms face when her hair dresser called to tell her that an organization she volunteers for wanted to give her a large chunk of money (amount not disclosed due to privacy concerns) to do with as she pleased. Tears and an awed silenced filled the house that night. What a blessing. What an honor. What an overwhelming sense of relief. God is good. People are great. And life always has a positive hidden in the cracks of the hard times. It might not show up in the form of money but it is there.

Chics N Chaps presented the money, as well as a few other gifts, to my mom last Monday night at Bucksnort (yes, Bucksnort) restaurant. It was a small crowd of people but the laughter was as rich as the night.

They will be hosting an event come August and my mom will be one of the speakers. Not because she is required to by the group but because she wants too.

When my mom found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer she went from, “holy crap, this is scariest thing I have ever faced,” to “Wow, I need to pull up my big girl panties and do this,” in record time. Instead of hiding her fear and her need for support she reached out to what she calls her “Prayer Warriors” on Facebook. Creating a page called Bald in Beautiful. I won’t lie to you when I first heard of this title I was honestly laughing at the over-used cheesy words, but as I have watched my mom bloom into her new self, there is no doubt in my mind that bald IS beautiful.

On a sidenote, my mom has told me my whole life that I can pull off any look or hairstyle because I am just that beautiful. I would always shrug her off with pink sprouting in my cheeks. The truth is however, my mom is the one who can pull off anything. It isn’t just because she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known it is because she fills any room with the aura she radiates. I know, I just used the word aura… but whatever it fits. If you have ever met my mom you would know what I mean. The world can be set in darkness and her active choice to be positive lights up every room. She is one of those rare people who’s heart shows in their smile. Sometimes, she is even annoyingly positive. Nobody should be so chipper in the A.M. hours. Nobody.

Anyways, back to her Facebook page, Bald is Beautiful. She created the page as a way to get love and support through her close friends. Then it morphed into the need to not be silent. The need to educate people on the reality that is cancer. The toll it takes on the heart, mind, body, and soul. Educating people on the journey it takes to become a surviver.

In my mom’s words, “As I learned about the amount of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer and those who have kept silent about their diagnosis and journey, I shifted my goal to educate people on the personal aspects of how breast cancer has an effect on everyone involved.”

So like I was saying before, Chics N Chaps blessed my mom and she agreed to speak out at an event of theirs at the Missoula County Fair come August.

I know it will be her first breast cancer awareness speech of many, because this is my mom, driven by the need to help others and love others in a way that she needs to be loved. She says that throughout all of this she is driven by her fears and that she is not brave. But isn’t being driven by what you fear the definition of bravery? Isn’t standing tall amongst illness and the unknown, courageous? Isn’t saying “eff  you cancer I will not let you defeat me,” the bravest thing you can do? And mostly, isn’t admitting you’re scared as hell and weak to the core being fearless?

Being driven by fear or not, blessings come in all shapes and sizes and if my mom wasn’t confident enough in herself to admit that she needed support then my writing about her cancer never would have happened. And if I never wrote about her cancer she wouldn’t be doing a speech for Chics N Chaps and sharing out her story to those who need it.

Sometimes, bravery isn’t the obvious but the act of laying yourself bare for everyone to see.

In my eyes, my mom is saying,

“Here I am, scared, but I don’t want to be alone. I am brave enough to admit needing you.

Needing love.

Needing shoulders.

Needing friends,

Needing Family.”

And to me that is, bravery at it’s finest.



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