Disclaimer To last Nights Post.

The thing with honesty is that once you bare your bones you suddenly get loaded down with support.

After last nights post I woke up too 36 texts, 10 emails, and one phone call. And they are still flooding in. All telling me similar things. Like how they are praying, sorry I'm depressed, perhaps I should talk to someone, and that I am loved.

I knew all of that already. Don't get me wrong I am glad for the support but sometimes concern carries people too far. I choose to write a blog that shared my inner most thoughts and a lot of the times they aren't pretty.

Think about it, if you are driving to work and some punk cuts you off, you silently want to rip that guy a new one. Sometimes not so silently. But does that one moment of time define you? Define all of your emotions? No, it doesn't. We are all bigger then one moment. Bigger then a glimpse of time.

Unlike the rest of you I have my weak moments.

I want clarify something, I am not sducidal, in need of counseling, depressed, ill at ease, or whatever the case may be. I am a young woman who is watching her mother, confidant, and best friend, go through something horrible and writing it out.

So please, know that I am just fine: I promise. I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you for your love and support.

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