Tis’ The Season For Love

I know everyone says it’s spring time when love blooms but I have to disagree. I think that there is something eerily magical about the way fall turns into winter.

Snow cover mountains, frozen lakes, cozying up by a fire place, hot chocolate while eating chocolate…Not to mention that it is the season of giving, So why not fall in love while your at it or if you already are in love, make time for it to grow.

I know, I know… I just placed  way to much wedges of cheese on the platter. Corniness aside though, make time for those you love this season.

Photographs are a great way to do that. Spending time capturing the way you feel about that special someone or even taking the time to get photos taken of yourself for that special someone.

Engagement =) -4.jpgEngagement =) -72.jpgEngagement =) -82.jpgOneYear-27.jpgOneYear-30.jpgOneYear-54.jpgOneYear-81.jpgOneYear-97.jpgEngagment 2014-1298.jpgK&T Engagement-5128.jpgK&T Engagement--5.jpgK&T Engagement--3.jpgtrishmike2013-25.jpgDan&Karolyn2-1.jpgDavid&Chels4-1.jpgDavid&Chels5-1.jpgDavid&Chels3-1.jpgLucas&Jamie-2.jpgtrishmike2013-16.jpg9.7.14-4.jpgBride Blur.jpg

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