HUNTED: Chapter Six

I replayed her story in my head when the wheels starting turning, “You two weren’t planning on coming home that night?” She shook her head, having spent the last hour talking, it was easy to see that she was drained. Easy for me to tell that she was ready for quiet.  I bit down on my lip again, “Interesting.”  Lennox furrowed her eyebrows in a question, what?

HUNTED: Chapter Four

He sighs, not out of frustration, but something else. Finn removes his hand from my knee and I shiver. His touch left me warm and now I felt freezer-burnt. He sucks in his bottom lip, nibbles it slightly, and then lets it free again. “We have reason to believe that the attack on you and Juliet wasn’t random, but planned.” He says. 

HUNTED: Chapter Three

The knife in question was left inside Juliet’s body, a disgusting act of violation. We know now that the knife was a gift given to Lennox from her father. We also know that the DNA left of the knife belongs to the fucker who did this. The question I keep going back to is, why he would switch to a knife, especially one that belonged to Lennox? 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 18)

Losing Archer felt like a slow death. It was as if he shot me in the stomach and it took my body forever to bleed out. It was Leo that brought me home from the police station because they called my Nana threatening to arrest me for public disturbance. My car sat in the parking lot unused for the rest of the holiday weekend. I thought that maybe Archer needed space otherwise I would have gone to his house and begged him to forgive me. I blamed myself. How do you get over sending someone to jail because they were falsely accused of raping you? How could what we felt towards each, feel so wrong, so disgusting?