HUNTED: Chapter Eleven

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HUNTED: Chapter Eleven

I reach out and cradle his face in my hands, my thumbs resting below his eyes, catching his tears. “Me too, Jax, me too.” He rests his forehead on my shoulder and wraps his arms around me tightly. My arms squeeze around his neck and I feel him start to shake. We stay like that for awhile, crying together, grieving together, trying to find solace.

HUNTED: Chapter Ten

“I just witnessed my best friend get murdered and survived two gunshots! If I feel like getting drunk I am going too.” I snap. They were right though, I never drank. It wasn’t my thing but hours ago we laid Juliet to rest and I realized that her murderer could have been watching us, or me rather, for awhile. Call me crazy but that was a hard pill to swallow.

New Songs: Beautiful, Sad, & Powerful (Playlist 11.15.15)

Stone Cold: Demi Lovato  Used To Love You: Gwen Stefani  Hello: Adele  Alive: Sia  Wild, Fools, & Talk Me Down:Troye Sivan (watch all three it gives me chills...this guy is pure talent)  She Used To Be Mine: Sara Bareilles (my favorite on this list)  Trouble:Imagine Dragons (Ok, so this has been out for ten months … Continue reading New Songs: Beautiful, Sad, & Powerful (Playlist 11.15.15)